Yours or His (Part 1 of 3)

I actually delivered this sermon to my church family about a month ago. The Spirit hit me with a three-fold revelation concerning Moses, Jonah, and Peter. This particular installment is concerning Jonah and is titled “Yours or His?” meaning Your Will or God’s Will. I pray that this is a blessing to any who may read it.

Subject: Yours or His? [“I Ain’t (Peter), I Can’t (Moses), I Won’t (Jonah)”]

Text:Jonah 1:1-4, 11-12, 15; 17

Sub-text: Jonah 2: 1-9; 3:1-10

  • History:
    • Jonah’s name means dove. God’s prophets are to be as gentle as doves
    • Jonah’s father’s name (Amittai) is translated to mean “the truth”
    • Ninevah was the Metropolis of the Assyrian Empire.
      • Was a great city that ruled over the kings of the earth for many years.
      • Downfall was that they did not know God.

Scripture Breakdown

  • 1:1-4 (Yours)
    • What was running through Jonah’s mind?
    • How far did he have to go in order to outrun the Sight and Word of God?
    • Why did he not want to go to Ninevah? (Path to Ninevah was very dangerous… was Jonah a coward or stupid brave?)
    • His disobedience immediately put others in danger. He had an obligation to the crew to be up front with them and let them know that danger followed him.
  • 1:11-12, 15 (Yours)
    • Jonah came clean after the fact. He almost cost the merchants their lives.
    • Jonah accepted his fate but not his mission.
  • 1:17 (Reservation received)
    • God used the whale to preserve Jonah and redirect his path. Jonah needed a bit of a timeout first.
    • The miraculous happens after the 3rd day.
  • 2:1-9 (Foxhole prayer, but still Yours)
    • Jonah was having an “If you save me from this one” moment.
  • 3:1-4 (leaning toward His)
    • Revelation that he could not get escape the orders that were given.
    • Jonah didn’t understand that his disobedience was blocking his own blessing.
    • He was not carrying his own anointing but that of a great nation. The power of life and death was in his tongue.
  • 3:5-10 (full revelation of His)
    • When Jonah finally did as the Lord had bid him, the citizens of Ninevah revealed the proper response to a commandment from God.
    • Jonah’s obedience led to deliverance from sin and ultimately to salvation.


The free will that God has given to us is a very dangerous thing. We can use it for our betterment or for our detriment. The gifts and talents that God gives us are not to be used for our own profits, but rather that we can be a blessing to others. In order to get anywhere in life, you have to learn how to build others up instead of tearing them down. The Bible tells us that we should pray for even our enemies (coal). Be obedient the first time… if not, repent and get right as soon as possible. When God calls you to action, how will you respond?

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